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  • About

    Sentosa.US specializes in mobile applications and the Linux-based servers that they talk to.

    I have spent most of my career breathing life into devices: hand-held personal devices, PDA's, mobile phones, home appliances, factory controls. These devices are complemented by Linux-based servers: application servers, databases, web servers, mail servers, firewalls, VPN's and permanent points of presence.

    Lately, the space between these two worlds is getting closer together, with Linux-based devices and always-best-connection (ABC) networks. Software that used to be server-side-only now fits in your pocket. I bring these devices to life, along with their supporting back-end infrastructure.

  • Skills

    • Embedded
      • Real-time & embedded microcontrollers
      • Embedded Linux: x86, ARM, uCLinux
      • Presto, a Real Time Operating System
    • Linux
      • Linux server systems, back-end software
      • Custom Linux-based application development
      • Open Source: installation / training
    • Mobile Applications
      • Custom iPhone / iPad application development
      • Objective C / Cocoa Touch programming
      • Mobile-optimized web interfaces
    • Online stuff
      • Web hosting, custom web applications
      • Domains, DNS, SSL, IPv6
      • Virtual Private Networks
  • Mobile Apps

  • Projects

    • Added call-home facility to factory controls, so they would check a web site periodically for instructions or upgrade.
    • Bootable Live CDROM with factory software pre-installed, so the factory floor PC could not be damaged by mis-use.
    • Server-side software to download weather information and format it to be displayed on a kitchen appliance screen.
    • A Linux server in a factory in Malaysia, connected only via dial-up modem, programmed to call in nightly and report network address, stay online long enough to allow maintenance personnel in the US to log in.
    • Simple bootable Linux image for a museum display.
  • The Name

    Sentosa is the Malay word for tranquility. There are several places in Malaysia and Singapore whose names contain the word. Perhaps the most famous is Sentosa Island in Singapore, a resort island theme park.

    We program machines to do the routine jobs, so that our lives are filled with just a little bit more tranquility.

  • Contact

    phone: (919) 386-9188
    address: 611 Park York Lane
    Cary, NC 27519